Saturday, June 23, 2007

Labour Lord Supports 9/11 Bombers

Since when does a Labour peer refer to the 9/11 mass murderers as "martyrs"? And why does no-one seem to be particularly concerned? Sure he compares them to Salman Rushdie but that doesn't seem to be trhe issue to me- the real story here is that he didn't call them low-life scumbags, SOBs or even simply "bombers"; he specifically used the term martyr.

Interviewed in Le Figaro newspaper in France, the Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham added fuel to the row when he hit out at Mr Rushdie.

Yada, yada, yada...

“Two weeks ago Tony Blair spoke about constructing bridges with Muslims. What hypocrisy.

“What would one say if the Saudi or Afghan governments honoured the martyrs of the September 11 attacks on the United States?

By referring to those despicable b*stards as "martyrs" he evidently believes they went to paradise for murdering 3,000 innocent people. In short he believes that their mass murder was an act of martyrdom.

Can we have him stripped of his title and booted out of the government today please?


Michael said...

LGF links to the Telegraph story, which says Ahmed referred to "the martyrs". The Telegraph story purports to quote Ahmed's interview in Le Figaro. If you read the actual interview text, the phrase used is "des hommes morts," which apparently means simply "the dead men".

I suppose it's possible that the Telegraph is right and Le Figaro is wrong about what Ahmed actually said to Le Figaro's interviewer, but I doubt it.

It looks to me like an unprincipled hack at the Telegraph decided to take creative liberties with Ahmed's words to make him sound even more nuts than he really is (which is plenty already).

Jay.Mac said...

Thanks for pointing that out- I tried to get the Figaro English language page up to see if it was their translation but I keep getting the French version.

I'd say that there's a good chance that it could just be the ideological bias of the Telegraph coming through. Perhaps they are the ones who consider the 9/11 murderers "martyrs"?