Friday, August 20, 2004

Body Fat

I made a huge mistake today and bought a set of Tanita scales- they not only register your weight but also your body fat. I was under the impression these things were really expensive but they’re not- I got mine for under £40. It’s well worth it, although I was highly suspicious that there was a major malfunction in mine when I stepped on them. Surely those figures aren’t right?

As of this afternoon my readings are 14st 0lb 2oz and my body fat reading is a staggering 28%. Wow. That body fat reading is unbelievably high. I should be under 20%! When I was cycling a lot and competing my body fat was below 5%. Now, admittedly that was when I was a scrawny teenager who cycled virtually every single day but even so- 28%!

That’s a bit of a blow considering that I thought I was doing a lot better- but it’s another goal to aim towards, as well as time and distance on the rower. At the end of the day I am certainly slimmer now than I was only a month ago and, more importantly, I feel a hell of a lot better. A few years ago, when I was weight training regularly, I was hard pushed to get my weight up. I ate loads (four meals a day) and took protein supplements and never once went over 11 stone. Two years ago that all changed when my first daughter was born- after that my weight crept up and my back problems worsened and getting to gym became a thing of the past. It’s pretty shocking to think that in two years I’ve gone up three stone. It’s not all fat (I hope) and I feel like I’m a different shape anyway- I’m stockier than I was. I’ll have to check with the missus to see if I’m making this up- maybe I’m just fooling myself?

Anyway, Tanita scales- recommended. They’re the one brand I recognise in this market and they’re simple to set up and use. Be prepared for the reading though- I wasn’t.


John said...

Don't trust the Tanita. It will only work at a certain time of the day. I have one too. When i started my diet, the Tanita said my BF was 25%. My measuremnts indicated 23.5% or something around there. Now my measurements say 20% and the Tanita says 27%. I just don't trust it.

John said...

I had mine checked by a personal trainer at the gym yesterday...
My measurments and using 20.5%, The Tanita Scale 25.5, Personal Trainer using a calipers - 22%.

So far a good estimate, average the Tanita Scale and the measurement method from As for me... i need to lose weight. :)

Jay.Mac said...

Thanks for the head up on the Tanita- I tried it a few times and my body fat is either 28% or 30% depending on the time of day. If it's over-estimating my BF that's a good thing! Giving me a bit more motivation to train harder. Going to try the measurement technique tomorrow along with the Tanita and try to keep that up once a week to track my progress.
Have you tried rowing as part of your routine yet?

John said...

No Rowing... Just ISO-Lateral Rows (Hi,Med,and Low) but these are specifically for the Back. I do not believe the gym i use has a rowing machine.