Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Rowing Update

I missed my usual Monday workout because I was running round trying to get my car taxed and insured (nightmare) so I decided to make up for my bad routine keeping with a bigger than expected workout. Last week I was doing 3000m- this week was supposed to be 3500m, but I bumped it up to 4000m and did it in 17'51". Not a superfast time but the last time I was rowing regularly (March this year) my best time for 4000m was 18'23". So I was fairly pleased with the time. I felt absolutely knackered at the end of it and my legs are still worn out. That's strange, I would have thought my upper body would have struggled more than my lower- most people's legs are more used to repetitive, endurance-type activities.
Still, I survived the workout and next week I'm aiming for 5000m. Once I hit that I'm planning on varying the workouts- a few short and fast mixed in with longer rows. I'm hoping to do a 10,000m row at some point, but that'll be when the cooler weather comes in; even with a fan it's a bit too hot for me at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

I notice you don't mention how your lovely Mrs is getting on with her rowing. Is that because I'm now better than you?