Saturday, August 07, 2004

Which one is the criminal again?

A 73 year old farmer arrested after shooting and slightly wounding a burglar on his property has been released on bail, pending further inquiries. I can guarantee that his shotgun has been confiscated in the meantime and that he will probably face charges.

The UK has gone officially crazy. He called the police to report the break in but as the cops didn't get there in time he defended himself. And was arrested for it. Elsewhere in Britain, a shopkeeper who was beaten by a gang of robbers in his shop has died of his injuries.

The rights of criminals are being placed above the rights of innocent civilians. They have the right to break in without fearing any sort of defence from the occupants. What a great message to send to criminals. If they face any sort of trouble, they know that it will be their victims looking at jail time rather than them.

If it was possible, I'd be on a flight to the USA right now. Get me out of here.

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John said...

Here is another one for you... This one if from "down under".