Monday, August 30, 2004

Republican Convention

I’ve been away all day with the family and only caught a brief glimpse of the TV news tonight from the BBC- what I did see was an announcement that tempers were fraying amongst the protesters in New York- cut to a shot of a guy with a Kerry-Edwards placard spinning round and punching a guy holding a Bush-Cheney placard standing next to him. I think it says a lot about a Democrat supporter (who always claim to be anti-war, pro-1st amendment and demanding toleration for everyone) that he resorted to violence against the Republican. I guess the things that Democrats support include everyone (including the avowed enemies of America) apart from conservatives.

It speaks volumes too that the Democrats locked all the protesters in Boston up in a mini-prison, whilst the anti-Bush types get the free run of New York. Which, I wonder, is facing the biggest threat from terrorist attack? And which had the tighter security (I assume that’s the excuse the Democrats gave)?

Now, which party would you rather have running your country?

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