Friday, August 20, 2004

Workout woes

Another workout and another disappointing row. Had planned on doing 3000m today but ended up struggling to finish 2000m, with a nasty muscle spasm down the right side of my back. I was a tad annoyed to say the least, especially as I was feeling fairly strong and was looking forward to getting a good time. What’s done is done and, at the very least, the first thousand metres was done at a good clip. Better a short workout than no workout. I’ll just have to hope that I can redeem myself next time.

As far as my weight loss goes- it’s not. My weight has actually gone up from 13 and a half stone (I’m 5’7”) to a hair under 14 stone. My body fat is slipping away and I’ve even noticed that my upper abs are beginning to become a bit visible once more. This rowing lark really does work!

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John said...

If my calculations are correct, i'm at about 14.3 Stone and that is up from 13.6 when i started. Rounding off, i've gone from 190 to 200 pounds since i started working out. I'm 5'10" so i'm a little taller. However, using the body fat calculator i am down to 20 percent body fat from close to 24 when i started. I have not noticed and real change in appearence or in the way clothes fit. It's been about a month since i've started exercising. I know how you feel. I'd like to lose 15 lbs and that would put me 185lbs.