Saturday, August 07, 2004

Cypher Review

I had the pleasure of watching the movie Cypher last night. It doesn't seem to have had any advertising over here but I saw it for rent and recalled reading a good review of it a while back.
Well, I'm glad I did because it's a great little sci-fi thriller with an excellent performance from Jeremy Northam- he's fantastic in the lead role of an industrial spy mixed up in some duplicitous dealings. It's a superb physical performance from him- pay close attention to him at the start of the film and then see a really, really well acted transformation. There's very little action but there is some impressive camera work and a nice atmosphere. I really enjoyed this and I'd definitely recommend it.

For some reason it put me in mind of Equilibrium although it's really not like that (great) film at all. Maybe it's the washed out look of Cypher or the fact that it too is a low budget sleeper?
Whatever it is, Cypher deserves more attention. Rent or buy it now!

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