Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Remington 870- the latest incarnation

Stumbled across this today after having a look at the Blackwater Shootout website- it’s a new, modular Model 870 pump action which can be configured from a “cut down” breaching weapon to a full-size, high-capacity shotgun. It’s a pretty neat package and all the mods can be done by the weapon operator. Even better it can handle buckshot, slugs and sabots. The breaching version would be a fairly handy weapon for a vehicle driver to have stashed away in the cab, especially if operating in built up areas were ranges would be short.

This is a nice package.

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John said...

I use an 870 for duck hunting. It is a classic and can be configured for anything. My has a 3 1/2" chamber and the 3 1/2" shell pack a hell of a punch.