Sunday, February 20, 2005

45 Carbine

I've often wondered at the amazing lack of .45ACP calibre carbines available, especially considering the enormous popularity of the round and the 1911 pistol. Surely a carbine in the same calibre would make an ideal companion piece and/or home defence weapon? Or how about a carbine not only in the same calibre but which also takes 1911 magazines? Up until now your only option for this would have been the now-discontinued Marlin Camp Carbine (if memory serves me well)- but don't despair, there is another option if you don't want a lever action to go with your .45: Valkyrie Arms manufacture a range of carbines based on the WW2-era DeLisle. As well as the traditional "Commando Carbine" (suppressed and faux-suppressed versions on offer), they offer a DeLisle 2000 and a Sporter. All take standard 1911 clips. Surely there must be a massive market for a handy carbine like this?

With a sixteen and a half inch barrel the Sporter would be my personal preference. Though I'd like to lose the rail and see it fitted with iron sights- perhaps an XS Sights ghost ring set up or even their Express sights. If there was to be a rail mount I'd like to see it moved a little further forward in more of a scout configuration, but maybe that's just me. For the ranges involved in personal defence I'd rather have the XS set up than the red dot sight

Of course the DeLisle is a bolt action but I don't see that as much of a drawback- the benefits far outweigh this minor quibble and if the action is anything like it's grown up Enfield cousin it'll be fast. There isn't really a semi-auto option around (bar the Beretta CX4 Storm so far as I recall) but I'd like to see one based on the M1- it's just the right size and weight and while the .30 cal round would suffice for defence it's not exactly a popular round for handguns. Imagine instead an M1 carbine modified to accept 1911 magazines- now there would be a pretty neat package.

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