Thursday, February 17, 2005

New Site

Thanks to a mention in ACE today, I bimbled along to a new (to me) website today- Gun Places (regular visitors will also have noticed that I've updated my links listing on the right hand side of the page). Gun Places is a links page for everything from gun makers, holsters, sights, ballistics and forums. It's a great reference source and there are quite a few sites mentioned there that will shortly be added to my bookmarks.

It was a bit of a shock therefore to see my humble website listed on the blogs page of Gun Places! Cheers for the link! The blogs page is also worth checking out- familars like ACE, Blackfive, Murdoc Online, Kim du Toit and Right Thinking Girl to a whole bunch I've never even read- I'm going to have to find a few hours to check some of these guys and gals out. I'd definitely recommend popping along to check it out.

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