Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Of late, I've been trying to not only get my fitness back but also lose some weight. In my Marine days I struggled to get over 11 stone. In the past couple of years, my weight has soared up to just over 14 and a half stone. Not good.

Since Christmas though, I decided that enough was enough. Doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists have all been unable to help me with my back injury so I've had to try and sort it out myself. Hence my Concept 2 rower and kettlebell. Throw in a slightly healthier diet and my weight has dropped to 13st 3lbs. Just over a stone in just over a month. Not bad. I'm hoping a slimmer me will take a little stress of my spine.

I'd rather not get down to 11st again but a muscular 12 would do me just fine! Rowing has strengthened my back a little and I'm hoping that the kettlebell will mobilise the joints some. Blogging on it has also helped keep me motivated. More updates when I'm doing well.

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John said...

me too... i don't recall the pound to stone conversion, but my weight rocketed over the holidays. I've droped about 15 pounds since january and i've have some foot problems that limit my exercise. It's hell getting old :)