Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Walking Stick Fighting

ACE posted a link on Sunday to an article on using a walking stick for self-defence. It's an interesting read. As I sometimes need to use a cane to get out and about it's something I have more than a passing interest in. My own taste is to wield the cane in the same manner as a bokken or samurai sword- two handed grip. The basic moves are not too hard to pick up and blows can easily be aimed to the head, shoulders or throat of an attacker. I was hoping to find some Eskrima classes to take but I can't find a single teacher in the whole of Northern Ireland (if you know better do let me know) so I'm going to have to look into self-teaching some techniques.
A sword cane like ACE's would quickly land me in prison here (and there's a campaign on to change the law so that anyone caught with a blade over three inches faces a minimum sentence of five years- the same as for illegal forearm possession) so I've been considering purchasing a Cold Steel White Wax Wood cane instead. My own stick would probably snap under too much pressure and the Cold Steel variety is exceptionally good value. Of course, the more expensive Walkabout is also very appealing and the lack of a hook handle means that it could very easily double as a bokken. My other choice of course is to purchase a traditional knobkerry or shillelagh, which I'm sure would deliver a very nasty blow- the knotted surface and the knob-shape handle would both inflict a great deal if pain.

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