Sunday, February 27, 2005

More Movie Rambling

One of the movies that I'm really looking forward to seeing is Sin City. Hopefully with Frank Miller so closely involved with the film and with Rodriguez at the helm it'll be faithful to the source material. To check out a couple of photos of the cast in character then check out this page at SuperHeroHype.

While you're at it, ponder just what the heck the studio is thinking by possibly casting Kim Basinger as Wonder Woman? Huh? Jessica Biel I could buy in the role (maybe, I still haven't seen her in Blade Trinity) but I can't for an instant imagine that Basinger would be suitable. Or, for that matter, understand why they'd want to make a WW movie (probably hoping for a series of flicks) beginning with an older Wonder Woman? Strange.

There are some other films to look forward to though- Miami Vice not being one of them since I discovered that Colin Farrell is in it. The Wretched sounds pretty exciting in that the plot has Chow Yun Fat in the Wild West as a bounty hunter of the undead. Six shooting zombie killin' action, what's not to like? He's also going to be appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I thought the first movie was hugely enjoyable thanks to Johnny Depp's performance. Hopefully, this one will be just as much fun.

Then, there's some strange news. Sam Raimi is apparently considering an Evil Dead 4, with Bruce Campbell as Ash. Good so far, but his production company is apparently also going ahead with an Evil Dead remake- the film which was "retold" in the first section of Evil Dead 2. Even if it hadn't I don't see the point at all of remaking it. Maybe Hollywood is out of ideas.

Finally, there's a sequel to John Carpenter's Vampires, called Vampires: The Turning, out soon on DVD. Well, another sequel without Jon Bon Jovi, which can only be a good thing. This time the action takes place in Thailand and contains some martial arts hi-jinks. I liked the James Woods original even though it's not up there with the best of Carpenter's movies. It's fun enough. I'll bet this muay thai sequel isn't a patch on Mr. Vampire though, the all-time greatest martial arts vampire movie around. Trust me, it's superb. Crack open a cold one, sit back and enjoy.

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