Saturday, February 05, 2005


Though I own a Playstation 2 I’m not much of a gamer. As far as I’m concerned gaming began with Doom and ended with Half-Life (and I’m hoping to get my mitts on the latest incarnation of both games as soon as I can find a decent, not too expensive graphics card). However, for Christmas I did get a couple of games from my too-generous Other Half- The Getaway 2 and Killzone. The latter game is, simply, fantastic.

It’s a first person shooter which takes place some time in the future. The basic premise of the game is that your homeworld has been invaded and now it’s time to kick ass. A couple of things make this game stand out- first, the whole concept, the design of the world and, especially, the weapons is fantastic. It’s a fabulous looking game and it looks realistic. Second, as the game progresses the trooper you play hooks up with various other characters- an assassin, a spy and a machine gunner. As soon as you team up you get to play either as the original trooper or as one of the new characters. So far I’m about three quarters of the way through the game and I’m sticking with the assassin (night vision and a nifty silenced weapon). From what I can tell the nature of each level is different depending on which character you choose to be- offering the chance to play all over again. It’s not often I’m that impressed with a game but Killzone is, in my opinion, superb. Very playable and very addictive. Definitely one to check out if you have a PS2.

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