Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another stupid anti-gun measure

ACE reports today on a completely asinine measure being suggested in (you guessed it) California. The proposal is make it a requirement to micro stamp a gun's serial number on the firing pin so that this will be transferred to the bullet when fired so that the police can more easily identify the gun used in the commission of a crime. I've left a few comments at ACE's place on the subject but I'm so flabbergasted by this that I felt compelled to have my own little rant on the matter here too. First off, the law will only apply to semi-autos so whoever came up with the idea knows that the stamping process will not transfer the serial number to the bullet but only to the case. This is an important point because I'll bet that when it comes to reporting this proposal the press will not distinguish between the two- and I'm sure that anti-gun types will not comprehend the difference anyway.

There are several very obvious flaws to the plan. First is the increased cost to manufacturers by not only having them stamp each individual gun, but also making separate lines for California and the rest of the US. Second is the fact that any law passed will only apply to weapons made after the law is passed- so to avoid it a criminal merely has to keep a pre-law semi-auto. Third, the details of each individual gun will be stamped on the case by the firing pin- an item which is easily changed and the sale of which is not regulated at all. Fourth, by collecting any spent brass the measure is defeated.

The point of the proposal is not to defeat crime or to speed up the process of solving crime, rather it seems to be yet another attempt by the anti-gun crowd to control firearms. Much like the proposed tax on ammunition to pay for the cost of armed crime which another moonbat suggested some months ago. Now they want to make semi-autos either more expensive or harder to own. Slippery slope, my friends, slippery slope.

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