Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gas Piston AR

It looks like at least one manufacturer has spotted the interest generated by the HK M4 with its gas piston- DSA is now offering the Z4 GTC (Gas Trap Carbine). Defense Review reports on a Shotgun News review, which noted that the weapon can push out the Black Hills MK262 round at a very respectable 2751 fps from its 16” barrel. Hopefully this is the start of a major trend to breathe some life into the AR line by offering the gas piston option- surely rebutting the most frequent criticism of the platform.

On another note, DSA also offer a nice 10.5” barrel CQB AR called the CQB MRP, which features a quick change system to swap out barrels. I wonder if the gas piston option will be offered across their line at some point in the future?

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