Sunday, February 20, 2005

Russian Enfield

While I'm on the topic of Enfields (see the last post) how's this for something a little different? A Lee Enfield No. 4 rifle rechambered for 7.62 Russian and capable of taking AK magazines. I'd say that this would be a tad more accurate than the standard AK and the calibre is certainly cheap to shoot, but even at that I'm not quite sure about it. Maybe Cooper is rubbing off on me- what is the need for this? I'm not such a fan of 7.62 Russian that I'd want this as my primary weapon in that calibre, but perhaps if I already owned an AK and was looking for something with more accuracy I might be tempted by this- again, compatible ammo and mags would be very useful. However, even at that, I think that a full-size Enfield would be a better choice that this 'shorty' jungle gun.

A curious item.

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