Saturday, October 15, 2005

Beware- Killer Sheep!

Sounds crazy but it might turn out to be really entertaining- the group involved in doing post-production work on LOTR and King Kong is teaming up with a Korean company to make a horror-comedy called Black Sheep about a genetic experiment which goes horribly wrong.

I'm a huge fan of Korean horror movies and while this sounds absolutely insane it just might work.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.


FrauBudgie said...

Yahhhh, we'll probably see it, too.

Other guilty pleasures: Japanese Vampire movies ...

Jay.Mac said...

Don't think I've seen any Japanese vampire movies- got a couple of Japanese zombie films though- but I love the Chinese Mr. Vampire series. I've seen three of them (the original is by far the best) but there seem to be at least five in the series. Sadly, they aren't called "Mr. Vampire 1,2,3,etc" so I'm not even sure what they're all called.

Got any recommendations?