Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Free Piglet!

Looks like the anti-Piglet stance of a British council has gone too far- not only is Michelle Malkin blogging on the story but Lost Budgie Blog is keeping tabs on a "Free Piglet" campaign. The always-incisive Mark Steyn also comments on the ramifications of this relentless piece-meal attack on Western culture.

"When every act that a culture makes communicates weakness and loss of self-belief, eventually you'll be taken at your word. In the long term, these trivial concessions are more significant victories than blowing up infidels on the Tube or in Bali beach restaurants. An act of murder demands at least the pretence of moral seriousness, even from the dopiest appeasers. But small acts of cultural vandalism corrode the fabric of freedom all but unseen"

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