Monday, November 28, 2005

Be Careful

This has to be one of the most terrifying stories I've ever read-

"It turns out that someone went through an unlocked gate, and through the unlocked door from the back yard in to the garage. (Both of these security holes have now been fixed.) The dachshunds apparently made a serious effort to stop the intruder, but this guy was very intent on getting in.

He went to the room of Brett's daughter who was visiting from college (Brigham Young University), and actually entered her room--but by this point, Brett was up, and beginning to try and figure out why the dogs were making such an extraordinary racket. His wife then told Brett that there was an intruder. Brett grabbed a gun, and started searching the house. The intruder apparently hid in a bathroom until Brett got past him, and then ran down the stairs and out the front door."

This was the second night that the intruder was at the house- and he entered it despite the two dogs, passed a snoozing son crashing on the couch and went upstairs in a fully occupied home to the daughter's bedroom. And it wasn't an isolated dwelling either. Luckily nothing happened but it's a stark reminder that your home security always has to be as tight as it can be. Don't take any chances folks. And if you live somewhere where you can own a firearm, go buy one and learn how to use it. Now.

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Clayton said...

If this is the most terrifying stories you've ever read, I should blog more about life in Los Angeles.

My wife's cousin was gangraped and then mutilated with a broken bottle stuffed in afterwards.

One couple I knew was attacked by three intruders who forced the front door, raped her, and beat him badly. Los Angeles Police Department had fingerprints of these guys, but didn't bother to run them because it wasn't a serious enough crime.

Another couple woke to three intruders around their bed, who stabbed him seven times when he tried to stop them from raping his wife. He spent three weeks in the hospital.

A classmate of my wife walked in two burglars, high on heroin, who had raped and murdered his little sister. They took his head off with a roofing hammer.

I ran into a friend from high school a couple of years later. She could barely talk, because her jaw was wired. A couple of guys robbed her of her purse in broad daylight, knocking her to the ground and kicking her in the face, breaking her jaw.

These are reasons that I abandoned the very trendy and sophisticated notion of pacifism, and bought a Colt Government Model.