Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Senate Delays Affected War on Terror

"The Defense Department's top spokesman expressed frustration last week over a slow Senate confirmation process that he said is causing challenges within the department."

This is not good- politicians are playing games while the DOD is trying to fight a war. The problem is that Gordon England, the current Secretary of the Navy, has been nominated for the post of Deputy Defense Secretary, but due to Senate foolishness, he has not been able to take over that position. In the meantime, his replacement as Secretary of the Navy has been confirmed- so two men are not stuck in the same post.

"It is unfortunate, and it isn't necessary," Di Rita [the Army spokeman] said of the delays. "The people nominated are eminently qualified people. Nobody has addressed their qualifications. It all has to do with other, unrelated issues, and it's unfortunate."

Politics and point-scoring is one thing, but when the Army's top PR guy has to come out and says that they are having problems because of the Senate's refusal to make an appointment enough is enough- time for the politicians to do what they're getting paid for and stop degrading their own country's ability to conduct a war.

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