Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Great Betrayal

A bill went before Parliament which would allow 150 terrorists on the run from justice to return to Northern Ireland-

"paramilitary fugitives would have their cases heard by a special tribunal, but, if found guilty, would be freed on licence without having to go to jail."

The bill by passed by 310 votes to 262.

Secretary of State Peter Hain bizarrely "denied the fugitives were getting an easy option."

"It's part of bringing closure to NI's past, just as after the Agreement over 400 paramilitary prisoners were released on licence."

Yes, and it was bad enough seeing convicted murderers released from prison and back onto the streets where they had committed their crimes in an effort to appease an active terrorist organisation. Blair has sent a loud and clear message to all terrorists that Britain is not strong in the face of terrorism- rather, if the terrorists keep up their activities long enough, the British will buckle under the pressure and give in to any demands they make simply to secure "peace". Blair's Britain is a nation I no longer know- never before have we grovelled before aggressors like this, never before has this nation surrended to a band of ruthless bullying murderers for the sake of a quiet life. It is a contemptible, spineless reaction in the face of terrorism. An insult to all of those who were murdered in the long war against the IRA. A final full-stop in the victory of terrorism over a free government.

"Ulster Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon said the bill was "so morally wrong and so morally bankrupt" she could never vote for it."

If only a few more MPs had the sense of this woman.

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