Sunday, November 27, 2005

The End Days of Great Britain

While Kevin of Smallest Minority muses on the future America faces in March of the Lemmings

A couple of important events happened in the past few days. First of all there was a bit of a fuss about the EU flag being flown over British council offices. As the laws stand it is unlawful to fly anything but the national flag unless prior permission has been approved. Of course citizens of Northern Ireland have been subjected to the Irish tricolour being flown for years.

In the case mentioned the council approved their own decision to fly the EU flag. What this story doesn't mention is that Labour plans to change the law next year so that the EU flag does not require special permission to be flown- in essence granting it the same status as our national flag.

The second event which occurred is the EU decision to create pan-European law- seven offences have been listed which it will force member states to enforce. For the first time in British history law-making will not be done by our duly elected representatives. The EU has more crimes in mind to add to the list at a later date.

(and it's a bleak outlook, one that worryingly seems to becoming more common), I'm actually watching in real time as Great Britain self-destructs, actually voluntarily handing over our sovereignty to the montrous European Union. The announcement is strongly opposed by Britain and many other member states. The Commission is using powers granted by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the EU’s supreme court, and governments fear that there is little they can do to prevent it. The court ruled that the EU had the right to require member states to create criminal offences, and could dictate the length of prison sentences."

The European Superstate moves another few steps closer.

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