Friday, September 22, 2006


While liberals are bizarrely obsessed with George Bush's Christian beliefs and their own paranoid fears of a theocracy being established in the USA, they seem to be absolutely fine with the ravings of Iranian thug-in-chief Ahmadinejad.

The last two paragraphs of his [Ahmadinejad's] remarks revealed his steadfast and driving conviction, as previously reported in WND ,that a messianic figure, known as the "Mahdi" to Muslims, is poised to reveal himself after an apocalyptic holocaust on Earth that leaves most of the world's population dead.

I wonder what level the sheer outrage would be if a Western, Christian leader began giving speeches about the end times. Yet when the leader of a state supporting terrorism and striving after nuclear weapons begins to state that he will "pave the path" for the coming apocalypse...silence.

Those libs sure do have their priorities set out right, don't they?

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