Friday, September 01, 2006

Islam on TV

I wonder how this one will turn out?

Peaches Geldof is to appear in a Channel 4 reality TV show, the "precocious London party girl" living with a devout Muslim family in Morocco in a show called "A Beginner's Guide To Islam".

The BBC webpage on the story has a link to another feature called "I want to open people's minds". I'd assumed it was something to do with the Geldof story but it's actually about a wannabe Muslim actress.-

"as a practising Muslim, she faces all sorts of obstacles when she portrays a character. She does not drink or smoke, she must be careful about touching men - and obviously she cannot show anything other than her face and hands.

She contacted the BBC News website because she was frustrated by the lack of opportunity."

Gee, I wonder why she might feel there's a lack of opportunity for an actress with such "range"? There must be so many parts that she's capable of playing!

As if unaware of the world in which she wants to work the actress claims that her having to wear the hijab is just as limiting as the no-nudity clauses that some actors have in their contracts. Huh?

Anyway, expect to see her in a BBC drama soon. How many other out of work actors managed to get featured on the BBC? The clever girl even suggested a part for herself as a nurse on Casualty (think a less exciting and less glamorous ER).

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