Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Reading

A couple more recommended reads today.

First up is some commentary on the article in Time magazine which imagines looking back at the war on terrorism from the year 2030. It's startlingly naive and ill-informed, exactly what you might expect by "historian" Niall Ferguson. In his dream-world the US retreated from the Middle East in 2008 and the Islamist terrorists didn't see the point of expending "their energies attacking American cities". So everything will be okay if only we do what the terrorists want us to do. It's all so simple really, isn't it?

Next up is an essay by Fjordman called, "Why we cannot rely on moderate Muslims." This one is definitely worth reading as he discusses the role of CAIR, the desire for many Muslims in the US for the Constitution to be replaced by Sharia, the concept of Al-Taqiya and hudna, and of course, an examination of the "moderate Muslim". There's certainly a great deal of food for thought there. Towards the end of the article Fjordman posits the idea of containment of Muslim populations in Western countries, a cessation of Muslim immigration and the possibility of a new set of Benes Decrees; laws which expelled significant portions of a population who had no loyalty to the state they lived in.

The war we're currently fighting went overt in 2001- almost five years ago to the day- but it can be traced all the way back to the 1983 Embassy bombing in Beirut. At least. The biggest problem seems to be a complete lack of understanding by our leaders, mainstream media and public-at-large of the nature of the enemy we're fighting. Again and again the jihadis tell us their reasons, their motivations and their desires for a Caliphate- and yet it's a message that it all too easily ignored by too many people. Some, like Ferguson, seem to think that if we merely leave the Middle East (abandoning millions of people to Islamic theocracy and despotism) then they will stop hating us. What, then, is the solution to the growing Islamic terrorism in the Far East? Allow them to establish Sharia-ruled states there? What's next? When the Islamists in Europe start clamouring for Sharia are we to simply roll over and let them take over there too? At what stage will people like Ferguson who prefer appeasement draw a line in the sand and say "enough is enough"? By the time they're ready to do that, I fear it will be too late by far.

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