Saturday, September 09, 2006

Whose Side Are They On?

A journalist in Canada has been suspended for praising the Canadian military in Afghanistan.

Christine St-Pierre, a veteran Ottawa correspondent for French-language public broadcaster Radio-Canada, wrote an open letter to Canada's 2,300 troops telling them to ignore mounting criticism of the mission.

"We owe you all our respect and our unfailing support ... dear soldiers, your tears are not in vain, your tears are brave," St-Pierre wrote in the letter, which Montreal's La Presse newspaper published on Thursday.

She was suspended by Radio-Canada "for breaching internal regulations that stipulate employees are not allowed to express their opinions on controversial issues."

So a Canadian is not allowed to offer her support for Canadian troops in harm's way? Perhaps it was because she offered her support of the mission, by pointing out that it had been approved by the UN?

I fail to see how a Canadian citizen supporting the Canadian military is controversial in any way. Would a Canadian reporter have been suspended for supporting the Canadian military in World War 2? Amazing- that a journalist can be considered to have lost her objectivity in reporting a war because she supports her own military. We all know the bias that other journalists routinely dispay, but none of them are ever suspended. Just goes to show the danger of going against the groupthink I suppose.

What has the world come to?

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