Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CRKT Ryan Plan B

My latest knife acquisition is yet another CRKT- a Ryan Plan B. It's a little fixed and partially serrated blade. The design reminds me, at least, of a kind of karambit- and the handle is marked on the back side for either an up or down grip. Of all the knives I've bought recently this is one that might be most considered a fighter, as the name implies. Despite it's two and three quarter inch edge, it's an aggressive design- and the Zytel scales provide a superb grip.

Even though my CRKT SST is the blade that I carry most day-to-day, the Plan B is rapidly gaining my favour. And it is very easy to carry. The two-part sheath system can be worn on the belt (up or down) or on a neck chain (included). I had thought that the neck chain would be fairly obvious beneath a T-shirt but it's not as it's quite a slender set-up. The only time that carry is obvious this way is when you bend over.

As for belt carry, the right-hand design actually suits me (a southpaw) great. I simply clip it to the inside of my waistband and it not only turns the grip around the right way for me but also conceals it further. It also means that I can carry at the small of my back well too with the sheath tilted over a little. The knife is just the right size for concealed carry- it even fits nicely in the front pocket of my jeans too.

I'm very impressed by this little blade; it's a good size, offers a great grip, has a suitably aggressive design and is all too easy to carry. Yet again, CRKT have come through- and yet again, this particular item no longer appears in their online catalogue. Get one before they're all gone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info. You just convinced me to order one tonight. I appreciate your comments on IWB carry, as that's what I intend. Great work.

Jay.Mac said...

Glad to have been of help! Let me know what you think of it too.