Friday, September 22, 2006

I want to know

Clayton Cramer-

What is just astonishing to me is how the left, and many liberals, just don't get it. They see George Bush as a greater danger than this crowd that wants women banned from learning to read; that doesn't just refuse to let homosexuals get married--it refuses to allow them to live; that makes the most traditional and conservative Christian denominations look like the ACLU with respect to the establishment clause.

It is a rather strange situation where leftists and many liberals, who should have the most to worry about from the increasing dominance of a fiercely homophobic, male chauvinist, anti-freedom of expression, and religiously intolerant worldview, are clearly more afraid of George Bush and Dick Cheney than they are of our common enemy.

I don't get it either. Can anyone explain it?


Bag said...

Well I don't know where I am in the political spectrum I seem to be all over the place but I am of the opinion that Bush/Blair are more of a danger.

You see Bush/Blair are actually removing our freedoms. These other guys are just killing us. We have ways to deal with killers and their helpers and generally, those still alive, end up being punished. They are simply common criminals and we already have laws for dealing with them. In the meantime I'm looking at ID cards, I can't get number plates for my car without ID, I need to have my retinas scanned for a passport. Most of my money goes, either by taxes, or increased costs on things our government imposes on us. I can't defend myself. Our criminals, politicians go unpunished. My hobbies are curtailed. Torture is common place and accepted. Human rights are out the window.

They are saying change or die. We have started changing for them. They must be laughing at us. Won't be long before there is only a little to change to meet their requirements.

This is a fight they just can't win on their own. We can let them by surrendering. Bush/Blair is doing just that.

Does that help?

Jay.Mac said...

This seems to hit the nail on the head- they aren't just criminals. Not so long ago in Northern Ireland we had troops patrolling the streets, random roadblocks and car searches, and searches of all bags as you tried to enter shopping centres. Not to mention the photo we have to have on our driving licences in place of an actual photo ID. I'm not less free because of all that but it made the terrorist work that much harder to commit mass murder. And right now, with the threat level dropped, those measures have been taken away.

Increased taxes have little to do with anti-terror tactics or even Iraq and all to do with our socialist government's profligate spending. Our right to defend ourselves in the UK, and the lack of criminal punishment, is all to do the mindset of our liberal elites. And the sad thing is that none of the major political parties see fit to change that. That's political correctnewss gone mad, and any politcian who actually had the nerve to come out and say that we should have a law to allow homeowners or the lawabiding to defend themselves would be crucified by the press. I can see the headlines now- "Welcome to the wild west".

We've got a big dose of bad government- but at the same time we're facing a totalitarian enemy that is trying to impose an even worse kind of control over us. Bad taxes now? How it's goin gto be when infidels in Britainistan are forced to pay the jizya and treated like 2nd class citizens. Fact is, as bad as thing are now, we still have human rights and freedoms and what passes for torture committed by us is a complete and utter joke compared to what our enemies do.

Exactly my point- we're seeing at best a mild attack on our freedoms, most of which will never affect any of us. Is it a good thing? Absolutely not. But compare that to live in a standard Middle Eastern theocracy- how about having a police force dedicated to promoting virtue and punishing vice? About being arrested for cuddling your wife in public, or owning a Bible?

As bad as Bush and Blair can be they pale in comparison to the sheer nightmare of a sharia-law caliphate.

So, really, I still don't get it? Liberals continue to moan and bitch about the "horrors" of Abu Ghraib or Gitmo but they've got nothing to say about the very real atrocities committed against prisoners of the Islamist terrorists. There's outrage if the CIA slaps a prisoner on the belly but when a solider's body is mutilated and dragged through the streets...where are the liberals then?

All we hear then is silence. We fighting people that don't even deserve to be called barbarians with all the politeness and civility we can muster. They cut off heads, while sections of our society scream about a pair of pants being put on a prisoner's head.

It's nothing short of insanity.

Bag said...

Mmmmm. the problem that I see is that the terrorists are ineffectual in this country. OK we can have things like 7/7 but in the scheme of things the are not in a position to hurt us here. All the things we are talking about putting in place are just for show. Bush/Blair are giving them their victory. As far as the rest goes. We will soon recognise that we can't appease these people. Our method of dealing with them assumes they are at a certain level. Then we need to start thinking why we developed all these weapons over the years. Bomb goes off here. We carpet bomb Tehran. We need to start off on the moral high ground though. We can always drop down as we go on and the do gooders lose influence. Till we end up turning their countries into large glass lakes. Still don't see me needing an ID card to get number plates for that.