Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Truther's Thoughts

LGF has a post up detailing a Truther's account of how he spent the 9/11 anniversary. The entire thing bears reading. A few choice sentences stood out for me though. Here's how he finishes his account-

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was the respect, concern, and love that the 9/11 Truth Movement represented. And on the other side, the hate and anger and wickedness of the so called “ordinary” people. They could not debate one fact, they couldn’t talk without cursing or offending whoever they were talking to. To think that if it were them who died in the towers, and I had been there fighting for truth and wanting to know what happened to them, how unworthy they would be to protest for. I’m absolutely sure that there were good people that died in the towers, and not all evil hateful monsters like those there yesterday pretending to mourn. I dedicate my protest to any good person that died in the buildings, but it’s sad to say, those people I encountered yesterday in mass, are not worth protesting for. Next time they’re government kills them, I might just stay home and be quiet.

Which, I think, says a heck of a lot about this person. However, this other part of his tale is also worth hightlighting, especially when he talks of all the "respect, concern and love" of the Truthers themselves.

Then the hate began. Some Jew looking dude in a suit came up to me and asked “where are you from?” I said “PA”, and he said “you should go back to PA, asshole” and walked away. It took me by suprise, and I started laughing, I thought about saying “you should go back to Israel” but instead just shouted to him “you have a nice day too sir” and smiled.

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