Friday, September 29, 2006

Esmay Again

Dean Esmay. Where to start?

He begins by lambasting Michelle Malkin, and later in the comments, Jihad Watch, LGF and Jawa Report, for all muddling up Muslims as one homogenous whole. His charge is that not distinguishing between Muslims and radical/extremist Muslims is a
very bad thing indeed.

Thing is, he does it himself in his response to Malkin's response. Here he is on Michelle-

Michelle says things like, "The Muslims clearly have no response to this, because their religion was spread by the sword, and we can see it is spread so still by the forced conversions of Steve Centani and his camera operator." Not Islamic radicals or extremists. Just Muslims.

And here's Esmay himself later in the same post-

But she did not mention that three Muslims are now on Death Row in Indonesia for the bombing in Bali. Yes, one Islamic radical got off with a light sentence of only a couple of years, but three other Muslims are sentenced to die for their horrible murder of Australian tourists and non-Muslim Indonesians.

Come on, Dean, you big Islamophobe- just Muslims, not radicals or extremists? You swine you, how unpatriotic and traitorous can you get? For more of Esmay's rather shocking use of the M-word without the "radical" disclaimer go and read his post here. Again and again his Islamophobia comes out as he repeatedly refers to the convicted Bali bombers as only being "Muslim". What better way to offend and outrage our Muslim allies around the world!

In fact, he keeps going on about "right wingers" not recognising our Muslim allies, specifically referencing Hamid Karzai and his recent comments alongside President Bush. A video that I heard about and watched over at HotAir.

Does this guy even realise what he's writing? I guess he got a lot of traffic out of his attack on Jihad Watch and wanted a little more of that limelight attention.

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