Saturday, July 24, 2004

Another pointless Hollywood remake

I just came across this and am appalled not only by the fact that the original movie is only seven years old, but that Hollywood has seen fit to re-cast the taxi driver as Queen Latifah. Based on this I think we can say goodbye to the original Luc Besson idea of a supercharged taxi in high-speed chases.

French cinema is not something I'm a big fan of but Taxi was a great movie. Remaking it like this is just so stupid. Is Hollywood entirely out of ideas? Can they not find writers who want to make new films? There was no need for this film to be made, just as there was no need for Ringu to be remade into The Ring. There are loads of great Japanese and Korean movies (especially horror and action) available right now on DVD- I say, go see them now before Hollywood butchers them with pointless, talentless remakes.


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