Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Folly of Appeasement

This was news yesterday over here but I was so enraged and disgusted that I'm only getting to it now. This is what happens when you appease terrorists- a man found guilty of the murder of a soldier- he was shot in the head as he left work- has been sentenced to life, but is expected to be released within months, possibly as few as two.

The British government capitulated to the IRA- the Good Friday Agreement was supposed to help bring peace to the country, but under its terms members of a terrorist organisation, in prison for their crimes, would all be released early. What did the IRA do to earn this? Well, they didn't disarm as you might expect- that would be a fairly obvious part of a peace deal, no? Instead, they offered to put their weapons beyond their reach. Now, no one has any idea of how many weapons they have in the first place, and this 'putting beyond reach' has been done in secret, watched over by an independent observer- but the IRA refuses to disarm completely, because whenever negotiations fail they can always speed things along by a quick return to their indiscriminate terrorist campaign. For a few years the population here went along with the deal, everyone was sick and tired of the killing, but it got us nowhere. Sinn Fein/IRA- they are one and the same- has a goal and they refuse to budge. In return for not killing anyone they expect- and have gotten- a major reduction in British troops here (we're park of the UK and the majority of the population considers themselves British by the way- we are NOT Irish here- the troops were here to protect the population), they've had their people put on committees which over-watch police activity and they have government paid jobs.

Our devolved government was disbanded some time ago because Sinn Fein/IRA were using their political office to spy and gather intelligence. Since then the main Unionist party (the group that represents the largest part of the population, in favour of our union with the United Kingdom) has lost its majority and been replaced by the Democratic Unionist Party, who all along have refused to sit down and talk with armed terrorists- their position has always been that guns do not belong in politics. Right now, I'll bet that a lot of people wish that they'd always voted DUP.

Not only is this murdering scum going to walk, but our society is already filled with those found guilty of shootings, bombings, kneecappings and all the other crime that goes with terrorism here. And the terrorists are still armed.

Appeasement doesn't work. Don't forget.

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