Sunday, July 25, 2004

Weight Training

Here's the work out (read the last post for more details):

Day One: Back and Triceps
Wide Grip Pull Up (grab a bar with an overhand grip and pull up until your chest touches the bar- I sometimes attached a weight belt to make it harder)
V-Grip Pulldown (Lat Machine with the V-grip attachment- pull right down to nipple level on your chest)
Wide Grip Pulldown (Lat Machine with bar attachment- pull down to the top of your chest- just like a pull up)
Seated Row (Cable Machine with a V-grip attachment- sit down and make like you're on a rowing machine only you're using your body not your legs to row)
Shrug (Barbell- grab a bar, shoulder width grip and shrug your shoulders up towards your ears- don't pull up with your arms, just your shoulders)
Lying French Press (EZ Curl Bar- lie on your back on a bench with an ez curl bar in your hands arms straight and pointing almost straight up at the ceiling- bend your arms so that your hands are coming down towards the top of your head- get someone to spot you because this one is also called a 'skull cracker'- and then bring your arms to start position)
Tri-Pushdown (Cable Machine- start with your arms bent, hands in front of chest and then press them down, straightening your arms. Repeat.)
Roman Chair (if your gym has one- otherwise lie flat on the ground face down and then lift your upper body up- you'll feel it working the base of your back)

Day Two: Chest and Shoulders
Bench Press (Barbell)
Dumbell Incline Press (Angle the bench up and do a press with a dumbell in either hand)
Crossover (Cable Machine- stand in the cable machine, knees slightly bent and leaning slightly forward, back straight, with a grip in each hand and then cross your hands in front of your body)
Shoulder Press (Shoulder Press machine- ideally- or sit on the end of a bench with a bar in your hands across the tops of your shoulders- push it straight up and down in front of your head, not behind- that's a bit hard on your shoulder joints)
Upright Row (EZ Curl Bar- stand with an EZ curl bar held in front of you, arms straight down. Pull the bar straight up until it nearly touches your chin)
Dips (As with the pull ups I sometime attached weights- do normal ones first until you can do at least 3 sets of 12)

Day Three: Biceps and Legs
Cable Curl (Just a dumbell curl only using a cable machine)
Supinated Dumbell Curl (start with a dumbell in either hand, hands at your sides, palms facing in towards your body. Do a curl and as you lift your hands slowly rotate them so that your palms are facing your shoulders at the end of the curl. Reverse the motion as you lower the weight)
Leg Extension (Machine)
Leg Press (or squats)
Calf Raise (Machine- or put a bar across your shoulders and lift yourself up on tip toes)
Romanian Deadlift (A Romanian deadlift is where you stand with your knees unlocked and do a deadlift. Keep your back straight and at the bottom of the movement the bar should be just below your knees- it'll vary depending on how flexible your back is. Be careful with this one and make sure someone shows you the proper technique- form is more important than weight).

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