Sunday, July 11, 2004

US Election

Although I am not a citizen of the United States (yet- I'm still in the UK for now) I am following the election closely for the simple reason that whatever happens there will have a profound effect on the rest of the world.
John F**king Kerry's plan to "police" terrorism rather than fight tooth and nail against it means that the war against terror will be lost. This man seems to have no soul, no morals and certainly not the balls of George Bush- quite why Dubya is so reviled around the world I simply don't understand- and his capitulation to terrorism will have a detrimental effect on all the free world. This isn't an issue he can flip-flop on to appease whatever groups he's speaking to (and even if he wasn't doing this, I'd have serious doubts about anyone who called Yasser Arafat a statesman). Unless he hasn't noticed, we're at war- western civilization against Islamic jihad. Islamic terrorists aren't pissed at George Bush, they're pissed at the whole of the free world and right now America is our best hope of winning this war. Most of Europe seems to have rolled over and given up and without Bush in the White House I have serious doubts about Blair's ability to stay the course.

For the sake of all the free world, I hope to God that Bush trounces Kerry this November.

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