Friday, July 16, 2004

Michael Moore-on

Let's get one thing straight- I can't stand Michael Moore. I first saw Bowling For Columbine a year or so ago and I was enraged the whole time it was on the TV. It wasn't just that I didn't agree with his arguments, or that I knew of the lies and distortions he'd included in the movie (though I was quick to find out), it was the whole premise of the movie- why these kids went on a rampage. Moore blames the media for portraying blacks as violent criminals, the NRA (and includes a particularly disgusting animated sequence equating them with the KKK), the military-industrial complex and...well, everyone but those who should be blamed- the two kids. It was Klebold and Harris who pulled the trigger. It was all down to them, not society, not the NRA, no one else but them. If Moore really was that interested in finding out why two high school kids killed so many people why didn't he make a film about that? Why not investigate them and their backgrounds? Instead we get a couple of minutes of them and then it's on to Moore's own agenda. It seems as if he doesn't give a damn about the victims of Columbine. He'd rather use them as a soapbox to preach his own message.

As for F9/11, why didn't Moore (if he loves America as much as he says- which I seriously doubt) make a film about the terrorists who committed the act? Why didn't he document the rise of Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalism? Why not expose the danger that faces his country and the western world today? Why not look into their shadowy world, instead of concocting a wafer thin, obviously false conspiracy theory? Why does he have to try and blame his own government for the acts of murderous terrorists? Maybe its because, as he said on his own website only days after 9/11, that the cause of 9/11 is not Islamic jihad but poverty. Yep, that's right- Moore didn't want Bush to go to war over the murder of over 3000 innocent people, he wanted America to raise the rest of the world out of poverty. That's the United States responsibility, is it? Maybe Moore really thinks that people aren't responsible for their actions- it's all America's fault. He argues the case that American society caused Klebold and Harris to murder their peers, and also that it's America's fault that they didn't make other countries as successful as themselves. I guess that must mean that Mike donates all of his millions to charity? He doesn't spend it on a luxury apartment in Manhattan? He does? While children starve? Who would have thought that he could be so hypocritical?

Michael Moore must really hate America. He's the most popular propagandist of his time and yet he makes movies
attacking America. Why doesn't he make an inspirational, positive film about the USA? Why not tell the world how proud he is to live in the freest society in the world, which has not only enabled him to become a millionaire but also to criticise the very system that made him that way? Why doesn't he highlight the benefits of the War on Terror so far- the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq from regimes which did not provide the freedoms Moore takes for granted? Maybe it's because he really does hate America- after American citizens were brutally murdered and mutilated he called the terrorists in Iraq Minutemen, comparing them to those who fought and died for American freedom. He called for American soldiers to die so that "God and the Iraqi people might forgive America". That doesn't sound like a patriot to me. Calling Americans (I'm assuming he includes himself too) the dumbest people on the planet doesn't quite sound like someone proud of their nation either.

Politicians in America have recently responded to certain criticisms by claiming that their patriotism is being called into question. I think it's high time Michael Moore's patriotism was called into question. Let's see how he responds to that. Has he ever said anything remotely positive about his nation?

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ZZ OpenWeb Staff said...

Jay - Thanks for your recent input on my site. Regarding Michael Moore... he is a non starter for me. It should be clear to any rational thinking person that this is the same kind of individual that would have joined the Viet Cong and Jane Fonda back in the 60's to give aid and comfort to the enemy. The sad fact remains is that the liberal left does not accept a "war" on terrorism. The very word "war" itself causes them to immediatly side against their own leaders and tie themselves emotionally to the opposition. What I say to Micheal Moore is simple this. Go to Iraq yourself, pose as an American citizen, and when you are captured and about to be beheaded see if you don't find yourself regretting your actions and praying for salvation from U.S. Special Forces. !! -- zzb

A copy of my followup to your input on my site regrading the media turning a blind eye on the WMD already found in Iraq. Good Luck and keep pressing on with your message !

The mainstream media smells blood now. It thrives on seeing our political leaders in the hot seat. The fact that real evidence of WMD being uncovered is not given much attention will remain so, until it is actually used. That is unfortunate but highlights the sometimes irresponsible role the mainstream media finds itself playing. Finding these quantities, quitely without the loss of life, I guess in their minds does not constitute "news".

Thanks for your input. The world falls back to sleep rather quickly doesn't it? -- zzb