Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Daily Dose

On Monday I increased my row distance to 2500- and did 2000m of that faster than my friday workout. Today I was feeling a bit discontented with my regime. Used to be a 2000m row was something I did towards the end of an hour long cardio workout. Today I added another 500m and I'm pleased to say that I did all 3000m at an okay pace. My goal right now is to do 5000m rows as the norm.

 I'm feeling a bit drained at the moment and the news seems to be saturated by the DNC- even the BBC is covering it with glowing praise and interviewing people without any even remotely tough questions. If I hear "war hero" John Kerry one more time I may have to kick in my TV- not a single journalist has asked about his anti-war activities after Nam.  The NRO has a good article on the DNC here. Sounds like a lot of liberals in this country too. What happened to rational thought? Can these monkeys not learn any more than "Bush is bad"? Also, check out the Kerry Spot for some details of his flip-flopping in a new video.

Oh yeah, that deranged lunatic Mike Al-Moore was let loose at the convention. Maybe he's getting the same medication Gore's on?

I see too that the Islamic terrorists don't mind mosques being bombed- they've just targeted one themselves in Afghanistan. Will the "moderate" muslims that we hear about so often come out and condemn the Taliban-terrorists? Will the liberal media be outraged by the event? I seem to remember them getting all worked up any time the US even went near a mosque in Iraq. I won't hold my breath.

More bad news for Britain's armed forces. During the invasion of Iraq there was a great hue and cry about the lack of equipment- my brother served there and he told us they didn't even get rations, they had to be given those by the US troops. The moment the invasion was over the whole mess was forgotten. Typical.

Finally, here's some cool news for any computer geeks out there.

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