Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The "Irish" Problem

I first heard of Ted Kennedy years ago when he was on a visit to Northern Ireland- he confronted a British soldier out on the street and demanded of him, "Why don't you go home?"
 The soldier replied, "This is my home."
 What Kennedy didn't get is that Northern Ireland hasn't been invaded by the British, it isn't occupied- the majority of the citizens are unionists and consider ourselves British- that is, we want to remain a part of the United Kingdom, the same way that the English, the Scots and the Welsh are.
 The IRA aren't freedom fighters- they aren't fighting for freedom of religion, or the right to vote, or anything like that- if a citizen from N. Ireland doesn't want a British passport, he can get an Irish one from the South; they're a murdering gang which has carried out a thirty year bombing campaign and is involved in most every organised crime here- drugs, extortion, smuggling. It takes money to fund terrorism and this is how they make it.
 To give an example of how things work here now, when a person applies for a job here they have to fill out a form giving their religion and/or the primary school they attended- to mark them as Prostestant or Catholic. There's postive discrimination here you see, and a certain number of employees have to be from one or the other community. This is especially true of the police which has traditionally been dominated by Protestants. The fact that a Catholic who attempted to join would have been ostracised by his community and targeted for murder by the IRA not so long ago doesn't matter. Last year a man attempted to join the police (which has also had to be renamed from the Royal Ulster Constabulary to N. Ireland Police Service- the Royal is offensive apparently and their history of sacrifice fighting terrorism means nothing to politicians)- he came from a family of policemen and was qualified to be a cop- but he wasn't allowed to join because he had a tattoo of the Ulster flag on his arm- and this was considered offensive and bigoted, not representaive of the community he'd be policing.
 Let me repeat that- he had his national flag tattooed on his arm and this was enough to have him rejected to serve as a police officer. Think about that for a second.
 I can't imagine a candidate being rejected from any police department in America for having a stars and stripes tattoo right now, but how long will that situation last? Right now, illegal immigrants cannot be arrested and deported for breaking the law (sanctuary laws I believe they're called?). Maybe soon it will be considered offensive to illegal immigrants and the ACLU will step in, because the potential police officer doesn't represent the community he's policing. Maybe it could happen in Berkeley? San Francisco? Maybe in a few years certain communities will demand that they be governed, not by the laws of the land, but by sharia? Maybe they'll want Muslim cops only to patrol because Christian cops or athiest cops won't represent their community and their beliefs?
What happened here folks was that our leaders rolled over and gave up the fight against terrorism and now we're having to pay the price by pandering to their every whim and behind it all is the threat of a return to violence if they don't get their way. Don't let it happen to you too.

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