Friday, July 30, 2004

Friday Round Up

The news is saturated with Kerry's speech and Britain's liberal media is lapping up his speech. Thank God the man's not running for office here. One pundit did admit however that Bush looks like winning. I'll bet the reporter didn't want to hear that. Ha!

Kerry keeps on about rebuilding his alliances (with France I presume) but no one has thought to ask him what he'd do if it was in America's best interests to act (say, by taking out Iran's nuclear capability) and the UN/France thought that taking action was a bad idea- is he going to stay loyal to his "allies" or to the country he leads (and do exactly what George Bush has done)? Maybe he can't answer because he'd have to say that Bush was right?

This looks like an interesting concept- so long as it's surrounded by a swarm of fighter protection; this is one aircraft you definitely do not want to have shot down.

This story did the rounds yesterday but it made me think- when I was in military training we were told that humans have a much greater capacity for exertion than they believe; the point was made that when an animal is in danger it can literally run itself to death. Most humans will give up long before that when things get merely uncomfortable. When recruits are trained the general level of fitness grows to be much the same- after a certain point, it's mental toughness that takes over. That's what sorts the men from the boys.
The same thing applies in the gym- take a few moments before starting your workout to get in the right frame of mind- get psyched up and it can make all the difference.

At last, NATO has agreed to send troops to help train the Iraqis but, yet again, France spits out its dummy and demands that they don't come under US control. I wonder what Kerry and the Ambulance Chaser will have to say about this? The war has been won, power handed over to the Iraqis and now NATO is helping train the troops. Is there anything left for Kerry to criticise Bush for?

Here's a little good news coming out of the Middle East. I'm sure a hell of a lot of Muslim men are appalled by this. Let's hope it's the start of a trend.

Check out this- part of a series of images of the French Jewish immigrants to Israel- this girl's comments are quite telling: "In Paris there is anti-Semitism, but it's not like Sharon says. It comes from the Arab immigrants in France... The Arabs over there are scarier than the Arabs here."

Tomorrow I'll hopefully post another weapons selection- long arms this time. In the meantime, does anyone know of an AR upper similar to the new HK M4 update- i.e. with a gas piston? Does such a thing exist? Surely there's a market for a more reliable AR rifle?

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