Saturday, July 17, 2004

George Romero

I'm a big horror movie fan, and I have a soft spot for zombie films, even though an awful lot of them are really quite bad. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing three great zombie films- Versus, Shaun of the Dead and the Dawn of the Dead remake. I had very low expectations for the latter film but Johnny Cash started playing over the opening titles and it proved to be the first of many good things. A remake of a classic that didn't suck. I was impressed. I now hear that George Romero is making the fourth of his "Dead" movies- Land of the Dead. Now, I'm not so sure about the zombie evolution thing, but this could be a great film. Fingers crossed Romero can still cut it.

BTW, Ryuichi Kitamura is a fantastic director- Azumi rocks too, if you like over-the-top sword fighting action (and who doesn't?). If you get the chance to see any of his films, please do so- you won't be disappointed.

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