Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brit TV Funds Terrorism

It seems that British TV station, Channel 4, has paid the ransom of a reporter taken hostage in Afghanistan. And never mind the consequences for the terrorists' next target.

Sean Langan, 43, was held by criminals linked to the Taliban at a terrorist training camp in a lawless border region of Pakistan.

His kidnappers threatened to shoot the journalist and his interpreter if a ransom was not paid.

The two men, who were working for Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, were released after an Afghan go-between hired by the broadcaster delivered a briefcase full of cash to their kidnappers.

The Foreign Office warned Channel 4 that caving to the terrorist's demands would only serve to encourage them to do the same thing again. And get this he "was was held hostage for three months after trying to make contact with Al-Qaeda’s second in command."

Channel 4 was trying to make contact with terrorists we're currently at war with. And then comes this-

British intelligence was immediately called in to investigate, but sources claim that Channel 4 executives were loath to cooperate with the Foreign Office because they feared the government would try to stop them paying a ransom.

At one point MI6 officers – acting on the orders of Cobra, the top-level government security committee – raided the hotel room in Kabul where Langan stayed before the fateful assignment. They were searching for clues that they suspected Channel 4 was refusing to share.

Incredible- not only trying to make contact with Al Qaeda to publicise their propaganda but refusing to co-operate with the security services, who might have been able to stop these scum-bags from kidnapping or murdering anyone else.

And some people wonder why we question what side the media's on...

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