Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Riot Rule

It must be opposite day or something because this makes no sense to me.

A mob of nearly 7000 Muslims attacked a group of Hindu pilgrims in West Bengal, a state in Eastern India that borders Bangladesh on the west. According to a Hindu blog, a sacred Hindu site frequented by Hindu pilgrims, including women and children, has experienced a sustained attack since Thursday evening. Muslims have thrown gas cylinders and Molotov cocktails at the pilgrims, burning down the camp building and trapping 180 men, women and children, along with fifteen police officers, within the confines of the compound.

And the result?

The police have issued an arrest warrant against the Hindu leader, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, and 15 other Hindus. They are charged with "Incitement and Instigation for Rioting" and "Disruption of Communal Harmony."

No arrest warrants have been issued against Muslims.

Yes, a tiny minority of seven thousand Muslims attack innocent Hindu men, women and children, not to mention police officers, and instead of being arrested the Hindus are targeted.

So, you peacefully go about your business but because the local Muslims don't like it you are accused of inciting them to riot? Oh, wait, now I see- it's cartoon rage logic all over again. A tiny minority of Muslims are so incapable of controlling their psychotic tendencies that anything they don't like is considered to be an affront to their delicate sensibilities. And, as it's easier to confront the benign sources of this bloodthirsty rage, rather than the lunatics trying to kill women and children, the authorities turn their attention on that rather than the people rioting, etc.

Amazing the mental twists that human minds can go through- peaceful Hindus visiting a religious site are guilty of disrupting social harmony because they were attacked by madmen exploding gas cylinders!

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