Monday, June 02, 2008

Cavalry Arms

It seems that Cavalry Arms are back in business after being raided by the ATF. And they still don't know why they are being harassed investigated.

If you're interested in an AR or just want to support a firearms manufacturer during what will likely turn out to be a costly legal battle, go ahead and buy from Cavalry Arms.

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Anonymous said...

I can think of a few typical reasons ATF would be investigating them.

1. Someone had a grudge and named them as a way of payback.
No proof required. After all they're a FEDERAL AGENCY and can do what they want as long as you don't have political connections.
2. They are not a recognizable name to most and "we can use them as a scratching post to sharpen our claws on".
3. ATF called them on the phone and din't like getting plain, non-trembling answers to questions.(they can tell if you are bowing over the phone)
4. They are sick and tired of being held up to ridicule for harassment. "If the IRS isn't going to claim harassment as a virtue, then by gosh we will"
(the IRS considers secrecy and intimidation as their key virtues.)
5. They didn't offer ATF 90% discounts on orders over $5.00.
6. What the heck? do they need a reason?