Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3

So I upgraded to Firefox 3 and it seems pretty good. Looks nice, seems to run okay but I have two quibbles, one minor, one a little bigger.

Minor one first- the "view history in sidebar" option is gone. And I quite liked that. Handier than the "Library" window which opens now.

Secondly, Adblock isn't working just yet- and it's pretty shocking for me to see just how many ads are on websites that I visit regularly. Most of them running resource-consuming Flash animations. Trust me, whenever they get it working try it out for a while and block ads left, right and centre. After a while you'll end up seeing hardly any on pages you visit daily and not only will they load faster but they'll be more uncluttered.

Come on, Adblock- get updated!

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