Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Progress Report

Lost a week of kettlebell training when my back pain flared up. Even so I've dropped a waist size. This week I'm not quite past the pain but if I time it right I can put in a little work here and there as the painkillers wear off. Did a day concentrating on lots of snatches interspersed with a few swings and cleans and then ended it up with five minutes of Turkish Get Ups. Great exercise. Yesterday I added in a windmill or two and then tried a few bent presses. When I got my KBs a few years ago I couldn't do them on one side because of my back. Now I can, even though the pain's gotten worse- doesn't make any sense to me. Either it's a sign that my slow but steady KB training is showing some unexpected benefits or it's a temporary glitch. Whatever it is, I'm liking the exercise.

Today I was feeling a bit tired and stiff-backed so I didn't do anything fancy- swings, a few snatches and some clean and jerks. I think I'll try some under the leg passes next session. It's been a while since I've done any of those.

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