Sunday, June 15, 2008

UK Cops Tackle Crime

Life in modern Britain.

A one-legged Royal Navy veteran was arrested after he rescued his neighbour from being harassed by two men.

Mr Beerling said the drama began at 2.30am on March 19 when he was woken by screams from his next door neighbour and her baby, and the sound of men shouting.

He heard his female neighbour and her baby screaming so he dialled 999, strapped on his false leg, grabbed an extending truncheon which he put in his pocket and went to her aid. He was able to ensure her safety without even removing the truncheon from his pocket.

Mr Beerling, a Liberal Democrat councillor, was arrested, locked up for 12 hours and charged with possessing an offensive weapon.

The charges were eventually dropped but he was still put in the cells for the night rather than praised for his intervention. And this despite the fact that the truncheon wasn't used, wasn't brandished and was so old and rusted that it wouldn't even open.

Add in this too for a flavour of how the police treat the citizenry of the UK today-

More than 50 police officers swarmed on a 12-year-old boy accused of stealing a £10 note which was hanging out of a cashpoint.

No, that's not a typo- 50 officers went to a report of a 12 year old who got into an argument with a woman who claimed she owned a £10 note hanging from an ATM.

Pascoe, who stands at just 4ft 7in, said he had been given his mum's bank card to withdraw money when he spotted the note - but the woman who had been nearby claimed it belonged to her.

Pascoe's cousins - two women aged 21 and 28 - stepped in to stand up for him and a large crowd gathered before the trio were arrested on suspicion of theft.

50 cops to arrest two young women and a young boy.

Mrs Petgrave said yesterday: 'He's never been in any trouble before. This was a horrific ordeal for my 12-year-old boy, he was handcuffed and put into a headlock.

Surely because of the huge threat a sub-five foot tall child poses to fifty police officers? This comment says it all really-

'When my house was burgled a year ago I wish they had sent just one of those officers. How did a row over a £10 note hanging out of an ATM machine get to that point?'

I guess the police realise it's easier to make their arrest quotas by harassing law-abiding citizens and young kids rather than do actual police work. Can you imagine 50 cops working together to try and catch a burglar?


Anonymous said...

In Soviet Britannia, a tenner *pounds* YOU!


straightarrow said...

"Can you imagine 50 cops working together to try and catch a burglar?"

I can't imagine even one working.