Tuesday, May 12, 2009

British Crime

Case One-

A pensioner was murdered with a rubber mallet after disturbing a teenage burglar, a court heard today.

George Thornley, 68, was bludgeoned with the hammer and slashed with a kitchen knife as he fought the 16-year-old who broke into his home in Clifton, Lancashire, to steal his car keys, Preston Crown Court heard.

Under British law if you keep a weapon on hand in preparation for just such an incident, even if said weapon is a cricket bat, you are more than likely to be charged for assaulting the perpetrator.

Case Two-

A BRAVE dad was beaten to death after he confronted a group of drunken yobs outside his home — just two weeks before his wedding.

Craig Wass, 39, was attacked with a BRICK, GOLF CLUBS and pieces of WOOD in the frenzied beating on a quiet cul-de-sac.

He had just gone out to ask them to keep the noise down. Under British law it is illegal to carry any kind of defensive weapon in public- even pepper spray is outlawed.

Case Three-

MURDER cops are investigating after a 16-year-old boy was shot dead at a pub.

Police were sent to the Robin Hood pub in Stretford, Manchester, following reports of shots being heard shortly before midnight.

The lad, named as Giuseppe Gregory, was driven to Trafford General Hospital with gunshot wounds to the head, it was claimed.

He later died from the injuries. Under British law all semi-auto rifles and cartridge-fed handguns are banned- those few firearms which can be purchased are strictly licensed and regulated. Since the gun bans were enacted, the country has seen an increase not only in violent crime but in gun crime. If the intent of the gun bans was to reduce gun crime it has been a disastrous failure.

But you won't ever hear a British politician arguing that our right to keep arms be restored.

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