Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As anyone with half a brain knows, Tam is the undisputed Queen of Snark.

On Nancy Pelosi avoiding the media this weekend-

That's because the foot in your mouth doesn't get any tastier no matter how much you wiggle the toes.

On Ruger offering an AR rifle, complete with 30-round magazines-

Did you hear? Ruger's gone carbon-neutral. Yup, they've wrapped ol' Bill “No Honest Man Needs A Handgun Smaller Than A Canned Ham” Ruger Sr.'s corpse in copper wire and lined the coffin with magnets, and now the whole plant is off the grid.

On the McCain-Obama match-up-

A rudderless GOP tendered up the lamest candidate imaginable, with the looks of Amonhotep III, a completely demagnetized policy needle, and all the public speaking skills of Marcel Marceau, and even with the most charismatic presidential candidate to make it to the finals since 1984, you still only got 52% of the vote.

On the SPAS-12-

An innovative Italian fowling piece that could malfunction in both semiauto and slide-action modes. As an added bonus, on the early versions the safety wasn't. Plus it had ergonomics apparently designed for people with hands that could palm basketballs and two elbows per arm.

On an article about a gun "buy back" -

The tone of the article is so supine, so docilely toothless, that it leaves one in slack-jawed amazement that someone so obviously ovine could operate a keyboard with their little cloven hooves.

And that's just a quick sampling from what's on the front page at the moment. Her crown remains firmly unassailable from all and sundry.

All of which leads me to this, a comment by Mark Hemingway over at NRO, which struck me as being particularly Tam-esque,

You can read the transcript here, but as to be expected, you could probably give yourself a pre-frontal lobotomy with a screwdriver that's accidentally been dropped in the toilet and come off more coherent than Joe Biden.

If you head on over there and check out what Biden did come out with, you'd be forgiven for thinking for a few moments that you'd clicked on a link to The Onion and not NRO.

If you ever hear someone talk muddle-headed, rambling, nonsensical drivel I think it's now safe to say that they're "pulling a Biden".

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Kevin said...

I swear to god, at some point in the not-too-distant future I'm going to take a week off from work, sit in front of my computer 24/7 perusing Tam's archives and pull out every quotable bit of snark she's written there, and then I'm going to hunt through other blogger's comment threads for more.

Then I'm going to publish the entire thing and get rich with a NYT Best Seller for 92 weeks running.

(Word Verification: "rovelone" - the cheese of choice for Republican political movers and shakers.)