Friday, May 15, 2009

UK Policing Targets

Crime in North Wales-

Compared to the same period last year violent crime in North Wales has increased by 18 per cent, burglaries have risen by nearly 8 per cent and robberies have rocketed by an amazing 115 per cent.

So, what's a police force to do?

Police have been ordered to go on litter patrol in a bid to boost the number of people nicked for minor offences.

Officers will be forced to ditch their uniforms and go out undercover in plain clothes in an attempt to hit performance targets.

However cops are furious over the move - because they don't even have the powers to issue on-the-spot-fines.

Instead, they will have to radio a PCSO - a lower ranking officer - to attend the scene to slap the offender with a £50 to £80 penalty.

Brilliant- instead of tackling real crime, police are being forced to meet pointless targets instead.

Is it any wonder the country's in the state it is?

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