Friday, May 01, 2009

Penn's Millions

Sean Penn's socialist credentials are well known. But apparently he suffers from a bad case of NIMBY. Spreading other people's wealth around- he's fine and dandy with that. When it comes to his own millions though...hands off.

Sean Penn has pulled the plug on his 13-year marriage for the second time in 16 months.

The actor has asked a US court to waive spousal support.

If his request is granted, Penn would not be obliged to pay a yearly support allowance to his wife, who also has a lengthy film career of her own.

He is also filing for a legal separation rather than an actual divorce. There is some speculation that this so he won't have to part with some of his millions-

‘Sometimes people do this as a mean of getting around a loss of financial rights which comes with divorce."

You'd almost think that Penn, a man who has grown incredibly rich in the free market, capitalist society of America, the same Penn who lauds the communists of Cuba and the socialists of Venezuela, is somehow unwilling to part with some of his fortune. mean he is totally and utterly committed to the ideals of sharing wealth that he thinks should be imposed on others? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

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Anonymous said...

There are a few mistakes here. Firstly, Penn's request is not unusual (and he may simply be asking that the court not award HIM spousal support rather than his wife).

Secondly, the financial aspect of legal separation is more beneficial to the lower-earning (or non-earning) spouse than the main breadwinner. It gives them financial security (such as pension benefits/insurances) that they would not get in a full divorce). So financially, Penn is better off going for a full divorce.